Legends of Gerrar Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)

     In a  world threatened by war, these men fight with one goal in mind... Win!
Join the fight to save the land of Gerrar. Join our heroes as they fight against the Forsaken Empire or lead the armies of darkness in an epic LARP campaign lead by the players. What will you choose to become?
     Legends of Gerrar is a high fantasy LARP game set in the World of Gerrar. The game allows players to step into the shoes of warriors, mages, and other fantastic heroes. Choose which faction you will fight for and complete contracts and quests for their glory. Serve the light or the dark and make friends along the way. 

     Our game is centered around the players. We write the beginning of the story and you make the rest up as you go along. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and wish to build players confidence and social skills. Our game is designed so that veteran players and first time participants can all leave having enjoyed themselves. Players  develop alongside their characters and each event brings a  more immersive experience than the previous.
When you arrive at our events you will be greeted by our players and staff with kindness. We will guide you on your journey into the world of Gerrar. Players are encouraged to consult with story writers and other players regularly on how they can get involved and improve their personal LARP experience. 

     Come try our game at any of our events. Join our LARP family!
     More information is available at: https://legendsofgerrar.weebly.com/

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