Jank League


NGU Commander Jank League Rules

•As of October 22, 2019, the NGU Commander Jank League has no ban list from any of the Magic: the Gathering cards. As the league plays ore games with each other, this may need to be examined to see if there are cards that may need to be ban at one or all of the play levels.

• There are 3 league levels, quarter, half-dollar, and silver-dollar. The quarter level the entire deck cannot cost more than $25 USD as per the card costs on mtggoldfish.com. The half-dollar level the entire deck cannot costs more than $50 USD as per the card costs on mtggoldfish.com. The silver-dollar level the entire deck cannot cost more than $100 USD as per the card costs on mtggoldfissh.com. All of these total amounts must include any searchable sideboard cards.

• Decklist need to be created using the decklist creator tool available on mtggoldfish.com. The name of the deck needs to read NGU, level, Commander. Example, if you are using Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin at the quarter level, then your name on the mtggoldfish would be NGU 25 Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin. The half-dollar use 50 and/or the silver dollar use 100 in lieu of 25 in this example. Once your decklist is complete and you are ready to play your deck; you will need to print off your decklist. If two players have the same commander at the same cost level, the first player to hand in will keep their name the same and the second player will have to place a 2 after their decklist, reprint will not be necessary.

• Basic lands have $0.00 USD cost overall. You may use a cheaper version of a card in a decklist but may play the more expensive version of the card.

• When playing, the NGU Commander Jank League is designed to be played in pods of 4. Sometimes this might not be able to happen, i.e. either because of players having decks in certain levels, i.e. 25 and 50 but not 100 or not having 4 players at the start of play. In any case we are trying to encourage play and the following chart should help allow a winner to be determined at the end of the week for standings. Each week standings refresh.

 Players at same level  2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 
1st Place 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points
2nd Place 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points
3rd Place N/A 1 Point 2 Points
4th Place N/A N/A 1 Point


Asymmetrical game play is when you are playing with people that are not of the same level as your deck, example a quarter league deck playing against a silver-dollar deck. The following modifiers are applied. To your point after the game, you add an additional point for each level from your deck level from the highest-level deck played.

Example of asymmetrical gameplay: Game has the following players; player A has a 25 level deck, player B has a 100 level deck, player C has a 50 level deck, and player D has a 25 level deck. The end of the pod match the places are as follows, A, B, D, C; the points assigned would be Player A 6 points, Player B 3 points, Player C 1 point, and player D 3 points.

• After the weekly reset, the winner decks will be reviewed to make sure there hasn’t been an increase in the played cards value. The league is currently keeping the variance of the overall price of the deck to be no more than 10% of the overall league level, i.e. quarter league will not be over 27.50 after the initial entry of the deck to league play.

• Games will be needed to be played at NGU in order to count towards the weekly Jank League totals.

• These rules can be modified at anytime as needed


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