NGU Curb-side pick-up, NGU2U delivery and other new initiatives

by Nerd Geek U

Tabletop games are a fantastic way to spend time with our families and relieve stress. We know that tabletop games are great for mental and physical well-being. 

Nerd Geek U is proud to share with you several things that we will be doing to keep our community connected during this time of social-distancing.

1) NGU2U - NGU delivery service to residences in parts of Eastern Idaho
2) NGU Curbside Pick-Up - Curbside pick-up at NGU
3) Magic the Gathering Arena Events
4) Nerd Geek U & NGU Nation Discord Channels
5) NerdGeeKU live streaming of different tabletop games via Twitch
6) NerdGeekU live streaming of gameschooling and other educational activities

We miss seeing all of the members of our community. We hope that these initiatives will help our community's mental health. Look for more information with details about each of these initiatives.

We do not ship. 

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