NGU 2 Designated as a WPN Premium Store

by Nerd Geek U

Just SIX DAYS after opening Nerd Geek U 2 in Rexburg, Idaho, NGU 2 was designated as a WPN Premium Store!  

A huge thanks to our wonderful gaming community for your love and support!  We are excited to bring more special events and exclusive products as being a WPN Premium store means we will be able to offer new test programs, exclusive merchandise and WPN Qualifier events. 

Again, we thank the Nerd Geek U community for their support during this process.  Once again, we would like to thank for Jill W. Design for her amazing graphic design work to accompany our already established logo.

We also want to thank everyone who has offered encouragement and feedback along the way and to Wizards of the Coast for this recognition. 

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