Nerd Geek U open for Casual Play

by Nerd Geek U

     We are pleased to share with everyone that Nerd Geek U is open for casual play.  To help maintain social distancing and limit the number of individuals gathered within the store, we will be offering free reservation tickets for individuals to participate in casual play events at Nerd Geek U.  These tickets are available on our web page at

     Like many members of our tabletop gaming community, we are excited and eager for tabletop gaming events and opportunities.  We must however remember that we at Nerd Geek U have a responsibility and duty to protect the health of our community, their family members and our staff.  Thus, in an effort to help keep the community and their family members safe and healthy after speaking with and receiving approval from Eastern Idaho Public Health, we have implemented several protocols:

- Limiting the number of individuals able to participate in casual play based upon the guidance and recommendation of CDC, state and local authorities.   

 - Slowly phasing in the sale of card singles.  We are in the process of updating our card single inventory to ensure accuracy.  If you would like to purchase singles, please check our website to view and purchase from our available inventory.  Upon making your purchase for card singles online, a staff member from Nerd Geek U will gather your order for card singles.  We have temporarily discontinued allowing individuals other than staff to go through card singles.  This is done out of an abundance of caution to help preserve the health of our community and their families.  

- Disinfecting surfaces and objects regularly.  

- Providing hand sanitizer and disposable facial tissues for members of our community and staff.  

 We ask that in accordance with governmental guidance

- If you are sick, please stay home.  We are still offering contact-less delivery and contact-less curbside pick-up for those that would like to or need to utilize those services.

- Practice good hygiene.  There are hand sanitizing stations installed at the front and the back of the store.  We ask that everyone please sanitize their hands when they enter and depart Nerd Geek U.

- Please cover coughs and sneezes. 


We appreciate your understanding and patience as we at Nerd Geek U do our part to help preserve and protect the health of our community and their families.  

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