Halloween fun with Binary Cocoa

by Nerd Geek U

Halloween at Nerd Geek U is set to be tons of fun!  We are pleased and excited to have Binary Cocoa with us tonight!  

Binary Cocoa is a local game design and developer here in Eastern Idaho!  The games that they design are amazing.  We have been impressed with each game that they have demonstrated for us!  Games from Binary Cocoa are designed to bring and keep players of different ages engaged and involved with logic, strategy and critical thinking.  They have great replay-ability and many are very travel-friendly!  

Tonight, Binary Cocoa will be bringing in two of their games that they have been developing and that are not yet available!  We are honored that they would choose to share their amazing games for tabletop gaming in Eastern Idaho with us at Nerd Geek U!  

Mystique has had the opportunity to play each of the games that Binary Cocoa is bring and is excited to have them back at the store again!  Binary Cocoa will be showing off Shadow Brume and Match Heads at Nerd Geek U.

Shadow Brume is a cooperative game in which a haunted house is trying to eliminate you and the rest of your party.  The object is for everyone to gather their three cards based upon their role and make it the exit.  If one individual gets caught in a room without a light or an ability that allows for them to be in a dark room, they die and thus the whole group losses the game!  Shadow Brume is a multi-player game and takes at least one hour (if not more) to play.

Match Heads is a card matching game for one or more players in which the object is to match the cards together to create the head of the creature.  Cards may move horizontally, vertically or diagonally but must be done so to a head that they match up with.

Be sure to come into NGU to try out these and more Binary Cocoa games tonight from 5pm-8pm.  Here are a few photos from when Mystique had an opportunity to try both of these games out previously:

Shadow Brume - 

Shadow Brume


Match Heads:  

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